Gods Bless Opera Atelier

Opera Atelier’s 2010-2011 season – their 25th – features two operas I have never seen or heard, and know almost nothing about: Handel’s Acis and Galatea and Mozart’s La Clemenza di Tito. This is a good thing – it shows they don’t feel the need to shore up ticket sales by mounting something comfortingly familiar, and it gives me the chance to see two operas I might otherwise ignore if not for their efforts.

Let’s look at the blurbs for these:

Acis and Galatea, Handel’s ravishing pastorale, depicts Ovid’s tale of the water nymph Galatea and her doomed love for the Arcadian shepherd Acis.  The opera weaves together a story of startling sensuality and tragedy blended with an ironic sense of humour – told through some of Handel’s most sublime music.


In Mozart’s lifetime, La Clemenza di Tito was considered “his most perfect work.” It enjoyed enormous success in Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Naples, St. Petersburg, Paris and London. Opera Atelier’s proud to present a sumptuous new production which will mark the opera’s North American premiere on period instruments.

Desperate intrigues, unrequited love and heart stopping reversals of fortune punctuate this thrilling story taken directly from Roman history, in which the Roman aristocrat, Vitellia plots the assassination of Titus – Emperor of Rome.

Yes, this sounds intriguing. But I must confess that a big – perhaps over-large – part of my affection for OA comes from their advertising photography. Just click over to the page for La Clemenza di Tito and gaze for a while at that Vanity Fair-esque banner. How sexy! How witty! How stylish! I want to hang it on my wall.

Click over to their photos page for other equally-impressive images.


  1. Cecily

    Wow, I didn’t expect anyone at OA to encounter this post – and so soon! I’ve got my Figaro ticket and am definitely looking forward to the performance. It’s one of my favourite operas and I’m sure Opera Atelier will do it justice.

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